How to create the title page of the thesis: a very quick guide

If you have already consulted our guides, you will surely already know how to create your title page. However, we liked the idea of ​​making a super quick and intuitive brush for those who don’t have time to read and prefer to be inspired by images!

If you have been blessed with fortune, your university will have published in some remote section of the website a pre-compiled title page template to be completed with your data. Otherwise…

Here’s how to create the title page:

The logo should be placed in the center (Insert> Image> from file). The easiest way to center it is to leave it in line with the text:

Then set the Centering alignment for the text and wrap the rest of the text. Adjust the size of the logo: it should look like neither a stamp, nor a Wok pan to cook soy noodles. In short, the right, more or less as in the example below.

Under the logo, but can also precede it if you wish, you must write the name of your University:

  • Alignment: Central
  • All Upper Case
  • Times New Roman (or same font used to write the thesis)
  • Font size: 16
  • Under University … you will have to enter the Department and the Degree Course (leave a space between University and Department):
  • Alignment: Central
  • Times New Roman (or see above)
  • Font size: 14
  • We then proceed with the title of your thesis:
  • Alignment: Central
  • Times New Roman
  • Font size 12/14: depends on how long it is!

If you have a subtitle we recommend putting the main title in UPPER CASE and the subtitle in lower case.

We continue our work by inserting the names of Speaker and Co-Supervisor:

  • Alignment: Left
  • Character size: 11/12

NB: remember to add the name CHIAR.MO (or CHIAR.MA in the case of a Professor), for the curious, the meaning is very clear.

(I know, it makes you laugh, maybe just because his corrections were incomprehensible, the professor had a zeppola, he was also a scrapper and you needed an interpreter to understand what he was saying to you. But trust me, write like that and graduate without making you too many questions).

Graduating name, it must be positioned exactly under the speaker and co-rapporteur but:

  • Alignment: Right
  • Preceded by: Three-year / Master’s Degree Thesis
  • Name in lower case, LAST NAME IN CAPITAL
  • freshman
  • Same Dimension Character as Relator and Correlator
  • Academic Year:
  • Alignment: Centered

NB: make sure you fill it in correctly … some universities have extraordinary sessions whose reference is the previous academic year! For example, if you graduate from the extraordinary session of March 2019, the academic year of reference will be 2017/2018. Check with the secretary if you have any doubts.

Here is the glorious end result, now you are experts on how to create the title page of your degree thesis!